Exploring The Hives & Candida Link

Published: 06th April 2010
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Hives are localized, raised red areas on the skin. They can explode in diverse sizes and at any time or anywhere across the body. They are common with approximately twenty p.c. of the US population having had an episode during their life. Although hives occur in all ages they are generally commoner in young adults. The reaction leading to hives involves the releasing of histamine from mast cells. In about 75-80% of all hive cases the cause is never discovered . The commonest reasons for chronic hives are food sensitivities, stress, drug reactions or fungal/yeast infections

Over ninety percent of the people has a unfavorable reaction to Candida albicans, one of the major fungal/yeast factors. That might seem strange when you realize Candida normally and naturally lives in the colon together with a couple of other kinds of bacteria, fungus or parasites. Although Candida can cause detrimental has effects on to people including hives they serve their purpose by cleaning up toxins and waste in the body as needed. Also growing in the same vicinity are constructive bacteria whose single purpose is to keep Candida and other bacteria ( uncongenial ) in hand. The issues arise when the not so friendly yeast start to outweigh the friendly.

Roughly 10% of Candida sufferers develop hives, eczema, asthma, persistent vaginitis, butt rot and/or intestinal cramps. Outside of hives and other skin afflictions there are immune system disorders, chronic soreness, intense fatigue, yeast-related infections in women, gastrointestinal tract ( gas ) disorders, panic attacks, psoriasis, dry, itchiness of the skin, dermatitis/ dandruff, swollen lips, throat or tongue, urinary tract/prostate gland issues and/or a white coated tongue ( thrush ).

If your hives are the results of a Candida prompted histamine release one of the first things you need to do is go through detox. It is one of the best ways to clear up fungal/yeast diseases, and is the way the body can effectively dispose of the poisons and sugar overload Candida feeds on. Detoxification consist of several days of fasting or limiting the bodily intake to fruit or vegetable juices while drinking masses of water to flush the system. It takes anywhere from 3-14 days depending how hard the infection is or the timescale you are working inside.

Probiotics, live micro-organisms similar to the beneficial organisms living in the colon already, and called friendly bacteria too are employed in complementary/alternative drugs ( CAM ) to aid in cases of Candida related hives. This is seen much more than ever since it was realized there are cells in the bowel directed attached to the immune system.

Because probiotics are known to reduce the severity of the allergies Candida/hive sufferers can supplement their diet with them. They aid in the body's biochemical processes of bracing the immunological system to combat allergies, especially together with necessary greasy acid such as flaxseed, borage seed or fish oil. minerals and vitamins such as calcium, iron, and magnesium are critical not only for bodily function but healing also. Other micronutrients ( trace minerals ) are typically short of folk who have been diagnosed with allergies resulting in hives or Candidiasis.

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